• 99% of malicious attacks are blocked before reaching your website

  • You can use your existing web hosting provider (our WAF forwards clean traffic to your hosting provider)

  • Virusses are quarantined before reaching your website

  • Protect your WordPress site from common website attacks like SQL injections


Design so Fine in association with Web Guru has included in our available services, Advanced Security Website Firewall (WAF). We would like to ensure that our clients have the option available to them that their sites are not only hosted on the best servers, but going the extra mile in preventing any malicious website attacks, this is a common occurance in websites and is a necessity much like any other form of security to seek the prevention from such events happening to your website. We sought out the expertise of Web Guru, in website security and cleaning already hacked sites, and thus appointed them as an outsourced company to manage & protect our clients’ sites and have added this as an optional extra.


The web application firewall is designed to filter traffic before it reaches your WordPress website. The majority of malicious website attacks are therefore blocked which increases website security dramatically.

The advanced security is charged at only R50 per month. If your site still manages to fall victim to hacking while under this advanced security protection, your site will be scanned and cleaned free of charge.



  • Auto updates
  • Block common threats like sql injections, xss vulnerabilities etc.
  • Anti-Virus Scanner
  • Block networks with a bad reputation for malicious activity
  • High availability service in multiple locations worldwide
  • Scan & remove malware & malicious code from your website