8.8 million South Africans hit by cyber crime since 2016.

Cyber Crime is currently a huge reality in South Africa and an issue that is becomming difficult to ignore and just hope for the best, as the number of hits are rising, this pertains to website hacking as well. Just as you protect your personal computer with an anti-virus program to block potential virus attacks, the same risk applies for your website. You hear about scams online almost daily, through your internet banking, SMSes, Opening dangerous Spam emails, falling victim to hoaxes, online shopping and fraudulent paypal accounts, not knowing where your funds are really getting paid to, or if you are emailing the correct company …. the list goes on … regarding website security we have the on-going fight against hackers.


Prevention is better than cure!

Design So Fine offers an additional service for website security. We register your website to a third party specialist Web Application firewall (WAF) company that is responsible for the maintenance of your website security, scans and updates in prevention against the possibility of your site getting hacked and ultimately being shut down by the hosting server.


The web application firewall is designed to filter traffic before it reaches your WordPress website. The majority of malicious website attacks are therefore blocked which increases website security dramatically.

The advanced security is charged at only R50 per month. If your site still manages to fall victim to hacking while under this advanced security protection, your site will be scanned and cleaned free of charge.

Advantages of using this Firewall for your website:

  • 99% of malicious attacks are blocked before reaching your website
  • You can use your existing web hosting provider (our WAF forwards clean traffic to your hosting provider)
  • Virusses are quarantined before reaching your website
  • Protect your WordPress site from common website attacks like SQL injections