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Offering one of the most important aspects of your website – SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our ultimate goal is getting your website FOUND by searchers seeking your services : and by so doing, we aim to get your website ranked as high up on the Search Engine’s positioning as possible, although the No. 1 spot is not guaranteed, that is however the MAIN AIM!!

Making it easily accessible for the entire world wide web to see; you and your product or services brought quickly and efficiently to the attention of a universal market of potential clients, who purposefully visit your website with a particular interest in what you have on display.

Search Engine Optimization?

What's the point of being on the internet but nowhere to be found?? SEO will enhance the chances of being Found on Google!

Search Engine Optimization Services:

You will be pleased to know that SEO Website optimisation is included in our Web Designing package,

We take great pride in each website we create, we see & know the importance of getting you found, ensuring a successful website that receives hits – therefor we offer this free but very crucial service.

What is Website Optimisation (SEO)??

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation/Optimization) is in fact the singular most important aspect of a website ; whereas many people wrongly think the visual appearance is. Visual appearance will not get your website found on the search engines, therefore your website would be just a pretty, but largely unseen & unvisited picture floating somewhere in the World Wide Web. Optimization is ‘keywording’ the website in order for the search engines to index your website relative to specific keyword sections and categories. Thereby, the website will appear when a “searcher” (Internet-user) keys-in those specific keywords, therefore making your website “found on the search engines” and resulting in a successful website. Our goal at Design So Fine is of course to ensure high quality visual appearance, to appeal to your standards, preferences and requirements ; but more importantly, our goal is SEO ….. always focused upon improving and enhancing your “Hits” on the search engines.

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